Saphira, die Königin der Garnelen

The Saphira is an exceptional product for which we have a passion. This giant freshwater shrimp (scientifically known as Macrobrachium rosenbergii) has always lived in the Mekong Delta and particularly in Vietnam.

It is born and then spends the first days of its life in the seawaters of the Mekong marine estuary. Afterwards it swims back to live and grow in the freshwater delta.

In adulthood its claws are adorned with a beautiful intense sapphire blue color coming from a natural protein. And when it is cooked, it is changing to take on a fiery red color.

It takes a lot of time, care and investment to raise the Saphira.

Indeed due to its natural instinct the Saphira potects its territory and its vital space from its fellow rivals by using its powerful claws. So the Saphira is only farmed in very small quantity.

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